Barista Training at the Barista School at Riverwalk Cafe KWETB

One week Barista Training

Enrolling Now!  Barista Training in the Barista School at Riverwalk Café KWETB.

 Vacancies for barista roles in Ireland are up 79% in the past three years and up 25% in the past year (Job site, Indeed 2019). 

To satisfy this demand, we are running one week accredited Barista Courses in July and August for just E100. 

Dates for the courses:

  • Week 1: Monday, 1st July - Friday 5th July

  • Week 2: Monday, 8th July - Friday 12th July

  • Week 3: Monday, 15th July - Friday, 19th July

  • Week 4: Monday, 22nd July - Friday, 26th July

  • Week 5: Monday, 29th July - Friday, 2nd August

  • Week 6: Tuesday, 6th August - Friday, 9th August

  • Week 7: Monday, 12th August - Friday, 16th August

  • Week 8: Monday, 19th August - Friday, 23rd August

  • Week 9: Monday, 26th August - Friday, 30th August

To apply please contact us at 087 1889677