The Story of Marine House
Outside Marine House.jpg

We’re busy getting ready for our 2nd Anniversary Celebrations.   Marine House has an interesting history in Wicklow Town.

It was built in 1842 and has had a wide variety of uses since.   It has been witness to over a century and a half of Wicklow's history.  If its walls could talk I am sure there would be many a story that the building could tell.


1842 - 1859:                 It was initially used as both a school and a bank

1859 -1872:                 Marine House became a hotel.

1872 - 1914:                The British army used Marine House as a barracks.

1914 - 1922:                The De La Salles brothers took it over and lived there until 1922.

1922 - late 1920's:      The Free State army made Marine House a barracks

Late 1920 to 1930's:  Marine House was used as a private house

1930s - 1950s:             The building was used as a clothing factory

1950s - 1960s:             Sisters of Mercy ran an orphanage in Marine House

1960s - late 1980s:      Sisters of Mercy sold Marine House to SV Delahunt who operated Delahunt's Bottlers from it..

Late 1980's - 1994:     Marine House lay unused.

1994:                           Bought and renovated by Carmel and Brendan O'Connor

1995 - 2005:                The O'Connors operated a hostel from Marine House for almost 11 years

2003 - 2016:                Marine House became the home of Wicklow Educate National School.

2017 - Present:            Renovated and re-opened by KWETB as a further education training centre.